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Over the past couple of months every RunSignup employee went out to volunteer at an event. The idea is that we want to make sure our entire company understands what an event director does – to feel the countless tasks, the stress, but also the joy of putting on an event.

We went to everything from 5K’s to marathons to paddle events to triathlons to golf outings goat yoga! We handed out medals, helped with timing, did check-ins, picked up cones, acted as course marshals and more.

Here are some observations from Stephen, our CTO, who went to a Healthy Kids event:

1.  Trying to unwind 75 yards of flags on a line in rain and wind can create a royal mess that takes 4 people hours to untangle.  At least I do like puzzles…

2.  It’s great to see the kids enjoying themselves.  Not so great seeing some kids crying the whole time.

3.  Bib tag pulling is not super easy for toddlers.  Following instructions is not a top skill at that age.

4.  Coordinating events is a lot of work.

The experience left us all happy that we are helping event directors with technology! You all do amazing things that impact so many lives.

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