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RaceJoy Ready Your Race in 3 Simple Steps!

Any race can now easily offer advanced course tracking, GPS-based progress alerts and cheer sending with three simple steps through RaceJoy’s website. RaceJoy’s basic option is free to the race - participants and spectators pay a minor 99 cents per race in-app fee. Its no wonder we have a flood of races getting their events... Continue Reading →

RaceJoy Map Building

The key to becoming RaceJoy Ready is to make sure you have an accurate course map that you have built. This is important because this is how RaceJoy measures people via GPS as they pass the start, each mile mark, and the finish. Here are a set of videos that show you how to build... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp’s RaceJoy Live Tracking at Gate River Run

RunSignUp’s RaceJoy mobile platform was heavily accessed at Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Florida this weekend. Close to 250 people used RaceJoy’s PhoneTrak feature with about 110 being participants and 140 being spectators. Supporting spectators were tracking participants live on the race course from 104 cities in primarily the United States, but also in Denmark... Continue Reading →