Fraudulent Races

Credit Card ProcessingUnfortunately, one of the things we have had to get good at this year is catching fraudulent races that have been set up (in addition to fraudulent transactions and hacking attempts).

Over the past two days, we have caught 2 fraudulent races being set up. While that is a low percentage among the 773 new races that have been set up on RunSignUp so far in December, it is something that is dangerous to our industry.

Becoming a Payment Facilitator has helped us improve our processes around approving races to handle transactions and take payment. We know this has introduced a new hurdle in getting races set up, but it is now necessary. Processing transactions can put a registration company in financial peril and potentially affect other races using the service.

We are also going to start taking a stricter review process with races who want to use RunSignUp in terms of quality checks of their race websites. If you receive a request from RunSignUp to improve the content on your race website, please understand that it impacts the image of the entire RunSignUp community. We reserve the right to delist any website who we determine to be potentially fraudulent or has in appropriate content.

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