RaceJoy GPS Progress Alerts at Cooper River Bridge Run

RunSignUp’s RaceJoy mobile platform continued to debut its new GPS Progress Alerts at Cooper River Bridge Run this last weekend and at nine additional races across the country. Participants and spectators were able to receive notifications as they crossed every mile on the course that included their location, time elapsed, pace and estimated finish time. […]

RaceJoy Debuts Industry First: GPS Progress Alerts

RaceJoy Launches Timing Progress Alerts Based Upon GPS Tracking March 25, 2015 – Moorestown, NJ – RunSignUp, the leading industry innovator for race events, timing service providers, running stores and clubs, announces RaceJoy’s newest industry breakthrough, GPS Progress Alerts. RaceJoy, the premier mobile solution provider for race participant live tracking and cheer sending, breaks new ground […]

Database Upgrade – New Financial System

This was a major upgrade and we had to do a major database upgrade which caused our system to be unavailable for less than 5 minutes this morning. There was a gap of about 6 minutes between the last registration before the upgrade and the first registration after the upgrade was complete. The good news […]

RaceJoy GPS Timing Splits Updates

We have been live for a couple of weeks with the new GPS Timing Splits capability in RaceJoy. This is the new feature that takes RaceJoy beyond just GPS Tracking, and delivers splits to runners and spectators as shown on the right. We had 320 runners using RaceJoy and there were 5,557 progress alerts to […]

Creating a New Payment Account

With the coming release of our new Payment System, we have updated the process of entering your payment information. Payment information is collected in Step 6 of the Wizard. You have 3 choices when setting up your race: Set up the Payment information and enable transactions. Setup Later and disable transactions until later. Setup Later […]

Lehigh Valley Road Runners Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Lehigh Valley Road Runners Case Study focuses on using custom questions to manage volunteerism and building a member-focused Race Series.  View the PDF Version of the Lehigh Valley Road […]

Boilermaker Opening

Boilermaker opened “Open” registration today on RunSignUp. They had opened a loyalty program last week. Things went well, as you can see from the post on the right! We always like to do an assessment of our systems and how things worked and share that publicly. The first person registered in 54 seconds – completing […]

RaceJoy at the Haddonfield Adrenaline 5K

The Haddonfield Adrenaline 5K enabled RaceJoy for their race this morning. There were 1,000 people signed up for the race and about 800 finishers (there was a big snow storm on Friday). There were 65 runners with RaceJoy on their phones and 62 spectators. Here are some sample comments: Love this app! My husband cheered […]

Help Wanted – Account Manager in Richmond

We are looking to hire a new junior Account Representative for our office in Richmond, VA. This person will review the hundreds of new races that are created on our website each month and look for ways the race directors can improve their races by using our services and help them drive additional registrations. They […]

Customer + Customer = Better Events

We saw this exchange on Facebook yesterday that really provided a great, simple example of why we think our Customers are the best educators on using RunSignUp. We will always do our own How-To’s and provide resources on RunSignUp, but our customers – Race Directors, Timers, Running Stores, and Clubs – are the ones putting features […]

RunSignUp’s RaceJoy Live Tracking at Gate River Run

RunSignUp’s RaceJoy mobile platform was heavily accessed at Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Florida this weekend. Close to 250 people used RaceJoy’s PhoneTrak feature with about 110 being participants and 140 being spectators. Supporting spectators were tracking participants live on the race course from 104 cities in primarily the United States, but also in Denmark […]

Export Options for Multiple Add-Ons

We now support export options for viewing multiple items in a cell – for example showing multiple add-ons ordered by a particular runner. Set this in the Export Options of the Participant Report. As shown below it applies to multiple types of fields: Here is a snapshot of a sample report exported to Google Sheets: […]

Birmingham Track Club Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Ventura Marathon Case Study focuses on Self-Service Participant Management, Sponsors, and Club Discounts & Cross Promotion.  View the PDF Version of the Birmingham Track Club Case Study Birmingham Track Club […]

Notifications at McGuire’s St. Patricks Day Race

We continue to see more races adopt notifications in partnership with their timers. This service is provided for free to races that use RunSignUp for registration and very inexpensively for races even if they do not use RunSignUp for registration. This past weekend a race of over 10,000 pre-registered runners, the McGuire’s St. Patricks Day […]

Boilermaker Loyalty Program Opening

Boilermaker, the historic 15K road race in Utica, NY, opened up a Loyalty Program registration this morning at noon. They are opening up registration only to finishers of last year’s race for a week – next weekend they will open remaining slots to everyone else. In the first 10 minutes over 1,800 people registered. 30 […]

Unsigned USAT Waivers

We’ve heard a little confusion about the USA Triathlon Integration that we released in December.  To clarify the USAT mandated process (and how you may have ended up with unsigned waivers): Your athletes are prompted to sign the waiver within registration.  However, to comply with USAT requirements, there is also an option to sign the […]