Quarter Million March!

Quarter MillionWow! We hit over 250,000 people registering for races on RunSignUp just in March! (This does not include imports or race result uploads.)

Thank YouThanks to all of the race directors, timers, running clubs and running stores who use us – and more importantly recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

We hit out 100K Milestone this past August, so the growth has been very good for us. The good news is that we seem to be keeping up with it very well.  We have invested a lot of effort into building a scalable system. Not just from the perspective of handling transactions on computers and networks, but also from making our system very self-serve. This eliminates lots of work on our part and on the part of races who use us. For example one race recently told us their support load was down 80% from their previous vendor and another very large race series said theirs was cut in half when they moved to us.

Of course the other very, very important point is we have been hiring great people. Of course this causes us to grow more, but we try to hire early so new folks are up to speed to handle the higher volume that seems to just keep rolling in month after month.

It is Bob’s birthday today, and he says this is the best birthday present he could imagine!

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