Worrying About Details

Continuous ImprovementI was at the Portland Marathon Race Director College in Charleston this week. These types of events are always great to learn what race directors need.

There was a panel session with several registration companies talking about technology trends (we did not pay to be on the panel). The point that all three of them made was that all registration was the same. We beg to differ, and actually have a release planned this spring where we are going to do a massive improvement of the registration process.

We worry about the details, and we are getting feedback from large customers who have moved from other systems to RunSignUp that says it matters. One race has seen a decline of 80% in support requests from runners. Another race series has seen a drop of over half.

Of course that means less of a burden on the race, but the real benefit is making life better and easier for the runner. And that is the core of our business – making things better and easier for runners, race directors and timers. So we will keep refining and improving.

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