RaceJoy GPS Timing Splits

RaceJoyRaceJoy has become the go-to mobile app for GPS Tracking. We released a brand new capability over the past two weeks called GPS Timing Splits. The feedback has been great – here is an example:

The Progress Alerts were very motivational.  I loved being told my pace and estimated finish time.  I really think this encouraged me to run a little faster and beat the estimated time.  Will definitely use this app again.  I saw the 15k Hot Chocolate run is on this app.  I will definitely use it and look forward to each progress alert!!!

RaceJoy Timing Points Cooper River Bridge RunGPS Timing Points – GPS Timing Splits are enabled by marking “Timing Points” on your course map. For timers, this is a familiar concept that correlates to how timing mats are put out on a course and the data is fed into their scoring software like The Race Director and marked as timing points. You can see the mile markers on this RaceJoy map of the Cooper River Bridge Run on the right. We will be adding more functionality when you upload your map in RunSignUp to create these GPS Timing Points in the next few months. For now, we will be marking the mile points for each race, and send us email if you need something special.

Note that timing points can be placed anywhere – not just for mile points. They could be for half way points, like 13.1 in a marathon or at 7.5 km for a 15km race.

GPS Timing Splits – Once those GPS Timing Points are defined in the system, RaceJoy will automatically track runners as they cross those timing points, generating GPS Timing Splits. While GPS Timing Splits are not as accurate as timing mats, they are generally within 5 seconds of their actual time.

The RaceJoy app is smart enough to store those GPS Timing Splits in the app as long as they have GPS triangulation. If cell coverage is available, those splits will be instantly uploaded and shared. If there is no cell coverage at that point, then the split will be uploaded when the phone is in cell range.

RaceJoy Progress AlertProgress Alerts – Runners and spectators will receive Progress Alerts when the GPS Timing Splits are uploaded. These will pop up in near real time in the RaceJoy app. They are also available in a stream in the “Buzz Bucket” as shown below:

RaceJoy Timing Splits

GPS Timing Splits adds a new experience to the race experience. It is free for races and timers, and only costs runners and spectators 99 cents for each race.

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