RaceJoy at the Haddonfield Adrenaline 5K

RaceJoy IconThe Haddonfield Adrenaline 5K enabled RaceJoy for their race this morning. There were 1,000 people signed up for the race and about 800 finishers (there was a big snow storm on Friday). There were 65 runners with RaceJoy on their phones and 62 spectators. Here are some sample comments:

Love this app! My husband cheered me on as I was running which was a real motivator!! I am able to see progress alerts in the buzz area and I did get an alert each mile. Thanks for sharing this app during our race! – Denille

Great way to support runners when you are unable to attend race. The cheer feature is the best!!! The voices and cheers priceless. Only suggestion is more variety  of voices. And Great mile tracking. – Tamara

1. Yes I did receive audio progress alerts as I crossed each mile point of the course. (also secured cheers from friends I gave app info to follow and cheer me, they loved it) 2. Yes I retrieved my progress alerts. 3. My friends that were not able to attend the race to cheer me loved the app. They were able to track me along the way and cheer me on. I loved it also, the cheers had me laughing out loud pushing me to keep moving. 👍

Here are some screen shots of what it looked like.

After downloading the app, runners needed to find the race:


Then they decide whether they want to be a runner or a spectator:


Runners need to sign up before a spectator can track them. Once a runner signs up, spectators can find them and add them to their list of runners they want to track. On race morning you can see if a runner has their phone turned on if it is green bars above the phone image as seen below – Bill does not have his turned on yet because it is grey.

RaceJoy Select a Runner

You can see your list of runners:

RaceJoy Spectator

And you can see them wandering about before the race:

RaceJoy Pre Race

You get an alert when they start and you can see them start:

RaceJoy Start Notice

Then see your tracked runners as they progress on the course:

RaceJoy Course

The new GPS Timing Splits send Progress Alerts at the mile points:

RaceJoy GPS Timing Split

See all of your runner’s Timing Splits:

RaceJoy Timing Splits

Jim had a negative split in the last mile!  Go Jim!

RaceJoy Progress Alert

After the race, we turn off the tracking – so you don’t have to worry about people know where you go after the race!

RaceJoy After Race

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