Transfer to Another Race

We now provide a simple way for race directors with more than one race to transfer a participant from one event to another. This is particularly useful for race series and participants signing up for the wrong city. Note this only works from the Race Director dashboard and a race director can only transfer from one race they have to another race they have. The other limitation is that there is no transfer of funds – meaning the transaction still appears in the first race.

Transfer Participant

Transfer ParticipantYou can transfer a participant by finding the participant in a report and clicking “Manage”, which gives you a number of options. The next step is to pick the right Race and Event you want to transfer them to.

We then give you some import matching options to match the common fields from one race to another. For example one race may have giveaways marked as L and another may be Large.

Match race information

You can also select Add-Ons, and then make final changes on a final import step.


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