RaceDay Scoring v3.2.18 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

USAT Export Option for Reports

We have added a USAT Export option from the Export dropdown on a Report. This will produce a spreadsheet that is in the format the USAT expects. You must have separate filtered Reports for each USAT Category, as we require you to tell the system the type of participants within the Report you’re exporting.

The categories are: Age Group, Open, Elite, Clydesdale/Athena, Para, and Relay.

Added Scored Event Option to Filter Reads Before Start Reads

This setting with ignore all times for a Participant until they record a chip start time. Once they record a chip start, we will ignore all reads prior to it, and accept any reads after it.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue when creating Custom Computed Fields based on other Custom Computed Fields that would make some previously created fields not available in the existing field dropdown

Fixed an issue causing Splits fields to not respect the Timing Precision set on the Dashboard

Now if you display times out through the millisecond, the time values in the “Splits” field will also show out through the millisecond, for instance.

Fixed an issue causing “Splits w/ Place” field to not populate Split Places for Relay Team Reports

Made a change to prevent inaccurate warning for reports containing multiple sections.

Fixed an issue causing a failure to import with an improperly formatted bib/chip cross-reference file

Fixed an issue that could cause database corruption if you deleted a Race, then closed RaceDay Scoring before a Race had time to finish deleting it

Fixed an issue causing Reports to not include Corral filters correctly after export/import

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