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Affiliate Base DiscountRunSignUp’s Affiliate Program was designed for partners like who have race calendars. It allows them to easily grab all of the races on RunSignUp and list them automatically on their website. We have a tracking code so we know the source of the runner coming to register on RunSignUp.

We’ve taken this idea to a new and different level and given the ability to use the affiliate code to trigger a discount. The idea is that there might be a website or mobile app that wants to give a discount to their customers. This can be useful for sponsors – say a local healthcare company is a sponsor for your race and wants to promote healthy activities to their customers who visit their website. They could put a link on their website to register and include an affiliate code. RunSignUp can detect that affiliate code and give a discount to their customers. You could even run a report at the end of your race and ask the sponsor to repay the discounts.

The other way to think about this is a way to attract certain runners. A perfect example is approaching a local running store and tell them if they put a highlight link on their website, or include your race in their newsletter, then you will give their customers a discount. Running stores are always looking for ways to bring value to their customers and they would love to send an email saying get $5 off a race since you are a valued store customer.

Setting up the discount and affiliate code is relatively easy.  Just go to to get your code for each originating website or mobile app. Then put that affiliate code on the end of the race registration link according to the documentation.

On the race side, there is a new pricing option for setting up pricing for each affiliate. Runners who came to register via the affiliate website automatically get a discount unless they enter in another coupon code.

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  • I was given an affiliate code by Bermuda Triple Challenge, who is using RunSignUp. My code provides runners with a 5% discount. How do I properly setup a URL with my code for tracking? Thank you.

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