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The new Volunteer System has an extensive email communication capabilities built in to facilitate managing coordinators and volunteers. It automatically sends emails to coordinators and volunteers that are added manually. It also provides a mechanism for the volunteer manager and coordinators to send emails. Here is a quick video that shows the major portions of the system:

Coordinator CommunicationsThe first capability is when you set a coordinator for a specific Task or Category. That coordinator receives an email with a link to the task or category. If they have a RunSignUp account, they sign in for secure access to the system with a limited view of just that task(s) or category(ies). If they do not have an account, they are directed to register so the system maintains security. The coordinators have the ability to add volunteers, see the volunteer list, and do email via the system as described below to their volunteers (not all).

Volunteer Email SendingThe main communications capability is a simple and flexible email system that RunSignUp sends on your behalf with your race logo embedded in the email and your own Reply To Address. The first feature of the email system is setting who will receive the email. You can select any combination of volunteers and coordinators from any task or category. In addition, you can add specific people to the email.

EMail Special TagsThe second thing to notice in the volunteer email system is the ability to add special tags. This gives you the ability to customize and personalize the email. You need to enter the tags into the email draft and it will be replaced.  Here is an example of what you would type into the email:

This is just a test, %FIRST_NAME% for the %TASKS%.

The %FIRST_NAME% is replaced by each recipient’s first name and the %TASKS% is replaced by the task or tasks that the person is assigned to.  The received message will look like:

This is just a test, Bob for the Water Stops.

Note that manual email addresses added above can have a %TASKS% variable set – so they will see whatever is entered after the email address in place of the tag.

Volunteer Email CreationThe next part of the system is actually creating the email. You can set a Subject line (which can contain the special tags). You can also set a Reply-To email address – for example volunteers@myrace.com.

The email editing tool allows you to create a simple email with the added tags. See the example on the right for another example of how the special tags can be used to EMail Archivepersonalize the email.

All emails are archived and can be reviewed and copied as well.

Email NotificationsFinally, you can manage notifications. For example, a coordinator can turn on our off when new volunteers sign up for their tasks.

Emails can include your race logo placed in the upper right corner of your email automatically for you.

Email with logo

In summary, we have provided a secure, simple and flexible system to help your race better manage your volunteers.

13 thoughts on “Volunteer Email Communications

  • Is there a way to insert the task time slot in the email via an added tag? I’d like my emails to say:

    “Thanks for signing up for %TASKS%, at %TIMESLOT%”

    • We don’t have that tag. Right now we give you the ability to send to a specific timeslot, but i can see where that could be a pain if you have a lot of them. We will put that on our “todo” list. That is a pretty quick task that we can get done int he next couple of weeks as a Monday Task.

      • What is the status of this ‘todo’ item? We are looking at using this system for our race and this feature would be very helpful for us as we have a few tasks that we have split into separate time slots. Thank you.

      • The Volunteer System has been in use for a while now, and we have gotten good feedback on it. The email capabilities within Email can also be extended with the overall free email system we offer. Give it a try and if you need help, send email to info at runsignup.com.

    • When you use our Volunteer system, it automatically creates a page with a shareable URL. You can also create your own pages. See our How To section on the website for more information, or send email to info@runsignup.com for additional help.

  • Is there a way to change the registration email that is sent to volunteers when they register for a volunteer task?

  • I’m volunteer coordinator and I’ve imported a bunch of volunteers, but I’m having a hard time finding how I send imported volunteers to sign the wavier without having them go through all the hoops to sign-in and register on there own. If I make them sign-in and register on their own they are listed in report twice instead of once and I’m not sure the system will allow that. thanks Jeremy Jost

  • Is there a way to easily batch e-mail all registered volunteers from last years races to let them know to sign up to volunteer for this years race?

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