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twitter-adsTwitter now has ads that any Twitter user can use now, much like Facebook. (They are also in the process of rolling out coupons as well). We have not seen many races use this, but would be interested to hear feedback.

Twitter Ad SetupIn your Twitter account, simply go to  The forms are pretty self explanatory. The above diagram shows a completed ad – just type a message and upload an image (minimum 800 pixels wide).

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 8.48.54 AMYou are able to specify a geography to target your ad – although it does not do a radius well today so you have to type in zipcodes. It does allow you to specify keywords that will match certain streams and search criteria. And finally, it allows you to specify users with certain interests – of course it shows “running and Jogging” as an option.

It was surprising to see the high cost of this ad – estimated at $3.00! I set a max bid of $1.00, not really knowing what to expect.

When the ad ran, the results were better than expected:

Twitter Ad ROI for Races

As you can see, the average cost per click with $0.29. Not too bad, although from the RunSignUp Google Analytics none of those converted into an actual registration.

And let us know your feedback on this new channel.

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