Race Listing Widget Beta Overview

Race ListHow many sites have a list of races?  Timers, Running Stores, Running Clubs all would like to have a current list of races.  And how much of a hassle is it to maintain them?  What if you want others to add to the list in a self-serve manner?  How do you handle the year as it moves on, or the change of year?

RunSignUp is working on releasing a solution for this!  We are still in beta, but we wanted to share the video below and start to get feedback from folks.  Here are the basic components:

  • Upcoming Race List WidgetRace List Widget – this is a list of races on RunSignUp.  It is configurable to do races only associated with a certain Partner (timer, running store, club, etc.) or any listing on RunSignUp, within a certain radius, within a certain date range.  There are a number of display options like a rolling year (current month at top), By year, How many months to show going backwards and forwards, etc.
  • Upcoming Races Widget – a smaller listing of just race name and date that shows the upcoming X races.  It can be nice a narrow and fit on the side of your website.
  • Create Race Listing Widget – Put this on your website to enable people to post events on your site.  They don’t have to enable online registration, and can include links to their race website and results.  They can always come back later to post results or to upgrade to enable full online registration.  THis is perfect for running clubs and running stores.

Here’s a rough video of how this works.  Let us know if you have feedback or are willing to play with it some and give us feedback.

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