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DQ Timing WebsiteRunSignUp has focused a lot of our attention on the relationship between timers and race directors.  Timers are the unheralded core of the road racing world.  Timers will work with 20-300+ races per year, helping tens of thousands of runners gauge their fitness and provide motivation.

Over the past several months we have worked with an initial set of timers to help them revamp their websites.  Their websites often serve as the central point of the running community in the areas they serve – listing when upcoming races are as well as past results.  There were several things we tried to do:

  • Mobile – With nearly 40% of web vistors accessing their race information from mobile devices, it is important for timers to make this easy.
  • Automatic Race Listing – With our widget technology, timers can easily create a Calendar that automatically puts the upcoming events at the top and conveniently lists all the links whether they are on RunSignUp or not.  This means more complete race listings and less time maintaining a website.
  • Results Posting – We have also made it easy to post results that get listed right by the place where people register for the race.
  • All-In-One – Best of all timers can offer their full range of services all in one place.  Minimizing website maintenance and producing a professional, modern look for their running communities.

Take a look at some of the websites we have helped timers with:


And a number of other sites in the works!  If you are a timer, let us know how we can help you!

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