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I come from the Internet Technology business with a lot of focus on open source and the newer Cloud models.  This has been a driving force in how we have thought about designing and delivering RunSignUp.

I just re-read an article by a friend of mine on The Open Web.  It is a bit geeky for the race director and timer community, but some of the basics are what RunSignUp is built on.  In particular:

  • We’ll shift our focus away from systems of record and toward systems of engagement.
  • Our business partners will drive us to design web platforms, not just websites.
  • We’ll give smart mobile devices and apps high priority in our designs — usually with a mobile-first policy.

Obviously the big dog in the online running registration is  They come from a different era where they drive traffic to their site to make money on registration fees as well as advertising and selling subscriber names.

RunSignUp is designed from the bottom up to live on other websites with our widget technology.  As seen above, the Dexter Ann Arbor Half Marathon allows registration right on their website with RunSignUp.  We think this is where the running community is – out in thousands of different local races and running clubs.  With timers who work in collaboration with their race directors.

We will keep focusing our efforts on this new world of flexibility and freedom.  And check how RunSignUp looks from your smartphone to signup for a race – it is pretty cool… (That’s HTML5 we use and technology like Terawurfl to determine if you have an iPhone, Android or iPad).  Yep it is a new world and we are here to helpt he running community take advantage of this new wave of technology!

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