December Race Director Newsletter

50,000 Registrations in 7 Minutes! Your race probably does not need to sign that many people up that quickly, but all of our customers are going to benefit from theScalability and Availability project we have recently concluded.  We were motivated as runners because of race websites that are unresponsive during registration, or after big races trying […]

New Race Director UI

We are very happy to release the new Race Director User Interface. This not only makes RunSignUp look great, but adds some nice functionality and great ease of use! Highlights include a quick view on registration count vs. previous year, wider layout, Action Links at the top, clearer Tab layout, and redesigned accordion styling to […]

RunScore Updates Participant Download Capability

RunScore has updated their ability to download Participant information from RunSignUp and ChronoTrack Live.  Timers can now easily select one or more Events (5K and 10K) to download or update at once. We are starting to see timers and race directors leave online registration open on the day of the race.  This makes it easy […]

Hy-Tek Participant Import

Hy-Tek has a very specific format for importing participants.  Race managers who use Hy-Tek typically have to jump thru some hoops to import participants from an online registration system. We have simplified this.  Under the Participant Reports section, there is now a nice little button – click it and we will download a file that […]

50,000 Registered Users in 7 Minutes!

Our Scalability project has reached success!  We have eclipsed our goal of doing 50,000 registrations in 10 minutes – completing the task in only 7 minutes.  This means RunSignUp is simply the most scalable registration system in the world – able to meet the needs of the largest races.  And combined with our robust Participant […]

Passaic Valley 5K on TV!

One of the races that uses RunSignUp, the Passaic Valley 5K, is being highlighted on Running HD on the YES Network (the network that carries the Yankees and other sports teams).  They gave a nice shout-out to RunSignUp!  Here is the video: Highlights of the December 2012 episode can be seen at: YES Airtimes: […]

Webinar – New Race Director UI

We have some exciting changes that will make RunSignUp easier and more powerful for our Race Directors and Timers! We are getting ready to roll out a new User Interface for you to use. We are holding a Webinar on Monday 11/19 at 7PM Eastern where we will preview the changes and explain the roll out schedule. […]

Race Director November Newsletter

40 Years of Results Runners are always interested in history!  One of our race directors decided to take real advantage of our new Results Posting to put up the past 40 years of results. This is free and easy to do. For best results, get the native data files from your timer and upload them. See this […]

More Reliability!

We did a very interesting upgrade today on RunSignUp.  In technical terms, we added something called Session Replication.  And we did this across two Amazon Availability Zones by duplicating our memcache session servers. What this means is that if one of Amazon’s Cloud data centers goes out, users are automatically switched to the other data […]

Registration on YOUR website – Some example RunSignUp users

RunSignUp is designed to let races do registration right on their own website!  This helps races build their own community, and makes it far simpler for runners. Here is a video showing some examples of races who provide registration right on their own websites: If you want to do this for your race, follow this […]

RunSignUp API Expansion & OAuth access

We are continuing to expand the RunSignUp API as we get more requirements from partners and from our own efforts to develop Mobile Apps. Of note, we have our first partner (who we will announce next week) who uses the new OAuth access.  This industry standard makes it easier and more secure to connect with other […]

RunScore Results Integration

RunScore is our first partner who has taken full advantage of the RunSignUp Open API to make life simple for timers and race directors who want to get results posted FAST! Alan Jones of RunScore did the integration. It goes full circle.  From within the RunScore system, you can click a couple of buttons and […]

Results Notifications

Now that RunSignUp has all these cool Results Posting and Results Viewing options, we have added Notifications! Race Directors need to enable “Find A Runner” and “Results Notifications” under the Customize Tab.  Then whenever results are posted, whomever signs up for notification will get that notification via either email or cell phone.  This makes it […]

Mobile Timing How-To Videos

We now have videos to help you use our iPhone Mobile Timer application. See more about the Timer Application, or view the open source code! This is perfect for timing small races and providing real time results to runners – even with txt notifications. Pretty cool.  (And a special thanks to Billy Connolly, our iPhone […]

RunSignUp September Newsletter

Results! Are you interested in giving your results a fresher look? Do you wonder why your runners can’t search them like you are used to with Google? Wouldn’t it be nice to have race info, signup, confirmation, donations and results all available in an easy single place for your runners to access? This is something […]

Timer and Race Director Collaboration

From the beginning, we have been focused on trying to make it easier for race directors and timers to work together.  Recently we have made some major progress in this area by making it easy for timers to download participant information and upload results. One of the issues is how to handle security.  In some […]

Results – uploading just bibs and times

If you have the bib assignments already done in RunSignUp, you can quickly upload a file with just bib numbers and times.  RunSignUp will match the bibs and give a great looking results display. A race director/timer used the Agee Timing system this past weekend and here is how easy it is for them to […]

How to View Results

We are continuing to our roll out our Results capability in RunSignUp!  We are really excited today because we are giving race directors a major new capability to upload results and let runners view them. These results can be viewed live at  There are a bunch of features above and beyond what you are used […]

What fields are required for registration???

Working with so many race directors and timers, we learn that pretty much everyone has a slightly different view of the way they want to organize their races. One of those little areas of dispute is how much information is required for a runner to register.  With the increase in electronic communication, address becomes less […]

RunSignUp Releases Open Running API

Open Running API allows various running systems to work together, including Registration, Timing and Results systems Moorestown, NJ – September 7, 2012 – RunSignUp, the leading innovator of online tools for Races and Running Clubs, today announced the availability of the Open Running API.  This provides a simple, modern way for Registration, Race Listing, Timing, […]

The Race Director and RunScore – now integrated with RunSignUp

The Race Director and RunScore are the two most popular timing and results systems used by timers.  They both recently worked with RunSignUp to make sure timers had a simple and easy way to download Participant information.  You will need the latest update from each, which is free as part of their yearly service agreements. […]

RunSignUp-Mobile Timer in Open Source

RunSignUp Mobile Timer is available on Github in Open Source now. Sorry, it is not quite ready for release to the Apple Store, but wanted to get the code out so others could start doing interesting things with it! RunSignup Mobile Timer is a mobile application that allows three users to time and place a […]

Race Director Input on Refunds and Bib Exchanges

We heard back from some race directors in response to our blog on Bib Exchange and Refunds – a Runners Right?.  I think the two responses below capture the range of comments: We are a non profit that runs a road race as a fundraiser for our programs serving homeless and low income folks.  We […]

Free Services Strategy – Free Results Posting

A couple of years ago when we started RunSignUp, our basic strategy was to charge a processing fee when it cost us to process a transaction.  We uplift our cost for the charge to pay for our salaries and infrastructure and hopefully make a profit.  We figure this is a pretty decent way to associate […]

Mobile-Cloud Timer App

We have been working hard on giving race directors and timers the ability to post results and give runners the ability to see their results.  We are starting to enter Beta with this, and have a number of features coming such as easy posting of Race Director and RunScore result file, nice looking results display, […]

RunSignUp Releases Comprehensive Participant Management

Comprehensive Participant Management including Refunds, Bib Exchange and Event Transfers Helps Runners and Race Directors Moorestown, NJ – August 10, 2012 – RunSignUp, the leading innovator of online tools for Races and Running Clubs, today announced the availability of a comprehensive set of tools for participant management including: • Refunds – allowing Race Directors the […]

Refunds & Bib Exchanges – A Runner’s Right?

Road Race Management had a cover story on bib exchange and refunds this past month – “Races Grapple with Number Switching”. The comments from race directors seemed strange to me.  They complained how runners were finding ways to work around the system – selling bibs on EBay, Craigs List and other sites, running as bandits, […]