Paying Our Customers

We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously here at RunSignUp.  We’ve done a number of upgrades this year that help our customers understand exact details about how we pay them and the ability to drill down to the transaction level on what for.  This was always one of my big complaints when I used as a race director.  I’m sure they’ve improved since then, but I could never figure out when or why we were getting checks.

I was invited by our partner to do a webinar on how we are using their system to automate and improve the way we pay our customers.  Feel free to register for the session being held on Monday, Oct. 15 at 2Pm Eastern.  I’ll describe how our weekly process works in detail to make sure we pay every race director owed over $200, or who’s race has completed. has helped us automate this process and makes sure we keep our costs low so processing fees can be minimized for runners.

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