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Are you interested in giving your results a fresher look? Do you wonder why your runners can’t search them like you are used to with Google? Wouldn’t it be nice to have race info, signup, confirmation, donations and results all available in an easy single place for your runners to access?

This is something that has always bothered us as race directors and runners. Take a look at this example of the new RunSignUp Results.  There are a bunch of cool features we have brought to results display.

  • Beautiful, easy to read layout and font.
  • Sort on any column by clicking on it.
  • Google-like search – if you want to look for “Jim”, or bib “937” just type it in.
  • Drag and drop Columns to make it look like you want.
  • Auto-calculated Age-based grading and pace.


We have made it very easy to upload full results to RunSignUp.  We are compatible with Race Director or RunScore native CSV output formats. This also works with other custom developed systems that output a similar format. You can either ask your timer for the file and upload it, or you can now give access to your timer to download participants and upload results. This greatly enhances the hand-off between race directors and timers and saves everyone time and aggravation!

Timers also now have the ability to easily download Participant information directly to Race Director or RunScore.

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