Timer and Race Director Collaboration

From the beginning, we have been focused on trying to make it easier for race directors and timers to work together.  Recently we have made some major progress in this area by making it easy for timers to download participant information and upload results.

One of the issues is how to handle security.  In some cases, race directors have no problem giving their timers full access to their races on RunSignUp.  We have also always had the ability to let certain email addresses get access to certain participant information so a timer could download the list of participants.

We have recently enhanced this by allowing a race director to specify a timer.  Once the timer registers, they have access to all of the participant and results related functionality for that race.  Not only can they download participant lists and post results, they can also take advantage of features like setting up divisions and age groups, assigning bibs and printing out bib labels, and customizing the look of the results on the webpage – picking which columns to display and in what order.

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