Summer Symposium Timer Tracks

Timer-Specific Opportunities: July 20-22, 2021

GiveSignup l RunSignup’s 2021 virtual summer symposium offers many opportunities for industry timers to get information about the industry, business practices, and in-depth product training. In addition, timers can become certified in RaceJoy and/or RaceDay Scoring. Here is a recap of the sessions timers will find most relevant to their business.

Don’t forget to join us for the Summer of Joy 5K in RaceJoy on Thursday!

Timer Certifications

Optional Certification for Timers

Tuesday is for race timers who want to be certified in RaceDay Scoring and/or RaceJoy. Pre-registration for the certification is separate from the symposium registration and is required. Timers who have previously completed the certification training are welcome to attend for a refresher.

RaceDay Scoring Certification

8:30am-12:00pm ET

This online training is for timers who wish to become RaceDay Certified and trained in RunSignup’s flagship scoring software. This is basic training on RaceDay Scoring. Access to a computer and Internet throughout the session is required.

RaceJoy Certification

1:00pm-5:00pm ET

This online training is for timers who wish to become RaceJoy Certified in order to provide RaceJoy to their event or for existing RaceJoy Certified timers who wish to get a refresher. This session will focus on how timers can offer RaceJoy for hybrid races, including on-site timed events with defined courses and race anywhere virtual events. Access to a computer and Internet throughout the session is required.

Wednesday officially kicks off the GiveSignup l RunSignup summer symposium with a state of the industry session followed by fundraising focused tracks. Most all events include a fundraising component. So, make sure to attend and invite your races to join these sessions.

Summer of Joy 5K

We start Thursday off with a Summer of Joy 5K using RaceJoy. This is a great opportunity to invite your races to try out RaceJoy as it will give an audio overview of its key features. You, too, can get a better understanding of the participant experience by joining in the fun. We will then do a debrief on top finishers and the overall usage of RaceJoy that morning.

Just access the Summer of Joy 5K in the RaceJoy app and look for your name after you register for the virtual symposium. Don’t forget to click Start My Race when you begin your run or walk!

5:30am-11:30am ET (2:30am-8:30am PT)
Join us for a FREE virtual 5K on Thursday morning, wherever you are. It’s simple – hop on RaceJoy, hit start, and your “race” results will be automatically submitted. Not up for a run? Use the time to explore RaceJoy from the view of a spectator!

12:00pm-12:20pm ET(9:00am-9:20am ET)
Join Shelly and James Harris for a recap of the morning run along with an overview of the interactive features you experienced.

Timer Track Thursday

The afternoon is full of short timer-focused sessions where we zero in on key RaceDay products and important topics. This track is for race timers looking to grow their businesses, improve race day, and take advantage of the latest technology.

Upsell Your Timer Services with the RunSignup Platform 

12:30pm-12:50pm ET

Customize Your Results Pages

1:00pm-1:20pm ET

Streamline RaceDay with the CheckIn App 

1:30pm-1:50pm ET

Extend RaceDay with RaceDay Photos

2:00pm-2:20pm ET

RaceDay Scoring Introductory Overview

2:30pm-2:50pm ET

Shift to On-Site Events (the Timer Approach)

3:00pm-3:20pm ET

Managing Timer Business

3:30pm-3:50pm ET

RaceJoy Certified Timers: Quick Update

4:00pm-4:20pm ET

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