RaceDay Scoring for Cross Country Events

We are very excited about the latest release of RaceDay Scoring for Cross Country events. This release deploys features and functionality that address the rules and situations that are unique to cross country events combined with comprehensive team and individual participant scoring and results posting capabilities. Also included in this release is the integration with essential third party governing results publishing interfaces, including TFRRS, Athletic.NET, and FinishLynx. RaceDay Scoring is the planned replacement for The Race Director, the most used scoring software in the endurance industry. In 2019, The Race Director was used to score close to 900,000 cross country participants at nearly 1,600 events. 

Timers can watch the recored product training webinar below to learn how to use RaceDay Scoring for cross country events. Training is provided by RunSignup’s Matt Avery and Roger Bradshaw.

“This milestone in RaceDay Scoring is definitely one to celebrate and one we know cross country timers will appreciate. We’ve been able to apply the wealth and experience of Roger Bradshaw, the founder of The Race Director, and input from our timers to ensure the unique needs of cross country timing is fully supported. The recent team advancements of RaceDay Scoring version 3.0 combined with the new cross-country specific features make this a robust release that we are very excited to launch,” said Matt Avery, RaceDay Product Manager at GiveSignup | RunSignup.

This new release of RaceDay Scoring addresses the rules and situations specific to cross country events, including management of: 

·       Displacements

·       NCAA Tie Breaker Rules (also known as Head-to-Head)

·       Ghosted Runners

·       School Year (shown as primary standard field)

·       Time Back (relative time difference between each team member of a given team)

Another new  feature helpful to Cross Country timers included in this release is the automatic switching of runners’ event based upon when they run. With this feature, there is no need to ensure that coaches are correctly reporting the event runners are racing (such as JV or Varsity).

RaceDay Scoring also provides real time integration with team and individual results posting using RunSignup Results for Cross Country. This provides coaches, finishers and spectators with information right from their mobile phones. For example, it shows an incomplete total team score being incremented as the first, second, third, fourth and fifth runners come across the line, and makes automatic total team score adjustments as 6th and 7th runners finish.

In addition, GiveSignup | RunSignup has completed the development integration with essential cross country interfaces. RaceDay Scoring now fully integrates with:

·       TFRRS for College Track and Field results publishing.

·       Athletic.NET for grade school, college, and club cross country results publishing.

·       FinishLynx for receiving camera-based results data when chip time is not used.

RaceDay Scoring is the endurance industry’s next generation in scoring software and is the planned replacement for The Race Director, one of the industry’s leading scoring solutions with more than 30 years scoring millions of finishers. Timers using other legacy scoring solutions are also transitioning to the newer RaceDay Scoring solution in order to support the changing needs of today’s events. 

RunSignup’s RaceDay Scoring is designed to be used for on-site timed events and can be used for both traditional and events offering flexible start and finish race windows. RaceDay Scoring integrates with all major timing hardware and registration platforms, and seamlessly integrates with RunSignup’s adjunct race day technology products. RunSignup offers RaceDay Scoring as part of the RaceDay Suite license. The suite license price starts at $150 and includes:

  • RaceDay Scoring
  • The Race Director
  • Free Checkin App
  • RaceDay Results delivery 
  • Unlimited free TXT alerts for finisher results and split data
  • Free RaceDay Photo solution
  • Exclusive RaceJoy pricing arrangement for RaceDay Certified timers
  • Support Services

Timers can find more information on RaceDay Scoring’s website. Click the banner below to schedule one-on-one product training with RunSignup’s Crisp McDonald.

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