Passaic Valley 5K on TV!

One of the races that uses RunSignUp, the Passaic Valley 5K, is being highlighted on Running HD on the YES Network (the network that carries the Yankees and other sports teams).  They gave a nice shout-out to RunSignUp!  Here is the video:

Highlights of the December 2012 episode can be seen at:

YES Airtimes:

Dec 1, Sat, 6:00am Dec 16, Sun, 6:30am
Dec 1, Sat, noon Dec 16, Sun, 11:30pm
Dec 2, Sun, 6:30am Dec 17, Mon, 8:00am
Dec 3, Mon, 8:00am Dec 19, Wed, 8:30am
Dec 5, Wed, 7:30am Dec 19, Wed, 7:00pm   YES National
Dec 8, Sat, 6:00am Dec 20, Thurs, 11:30am
Dec 8, Sat, noon Dec 22, Sat, 1:00am
Dec 9, Sun, 6:30am Dec 22, Sat, 6:00am
Dec 10, Mon, 8:00am Dec 22, Sat, noon
Dec 12, Wed, 11:30am Dec 23, Sun, 6:30am
Dec 13, Thurs, 12:30am Dec 23, Sun, 3:00pm  YES National
Dec 15, Sat, 6:00am Dec 23, Sun, 11:00pm
Dec 15, Sat, noon Additional Airs not yet scheduled
Dec 15, Sat, 8:00pm   YES National
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