How to View Results

We are continuing to our roll out our Results capability in RunSignUp!  We are really excited today because we are giving race directors a major new capability to upload results and let runners view them.

These results can be viewed live at  There are a bunch of features above and beyond what you are used to seeing with results!

  • Good Looking.  Welcome to the 21st century!  No more courier font!  Make your race look more professional.
  • More Information.  Because we are importing native data from a timer into our database we can do real things like calculate age group ranking and pace.
  • Sortable Columns.  Click on a column and sort by it.
  • Simple Search.  Enter anything – first name, last name, city, etc.  We do auto-complete, or general search.
  • Advanced Search.  Build your own custom search string – like all the Mike’s in Moorestown.  Or click on “Advanced Search” for more capabilities.
  • Fast!  We use some cool Ajax technology to download the result set to you so searching and sorting is literally instantaneous.

We also give you an “old school” look to results as well.  This is useful for Google being able to pick up the page for searching.  Here’s a quick video overview:

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