The Race Director and RunScore – now integrated with RunSignUp

The Race Director and RunScore are the two most popular timing and results systems used by timers.  They both recently worked with RunSignUp to make sure timers had a simple and easy way to download Participant information.  You will need the latest update from each, which is free as part of their yearly service agreements.

Both programs work the same way.  Eric Cone at RaceIt was kind enough to allow us to reuse the API they had developed.  This allowed Both RunScore and The Race Director to use a familiar pattern to integrate with RunSignUp.

It works pretty simply.  This is due partly to the fact that RunSignUp makes it simple for Timers and Race Directors to both have access to the information they need.

Timers enter their RunSignUp Login, and see a list of their races on RunSignUp.

Timers then select a race and then download Participants.

Fields are automatically matched, like First Name and Last Name.  However unusual fields, for example for custom questions like if in the Clydesdale Division, can be matched manually.


Timers can do an early download of participants and then can increment new participants as they are added.

Stay tuned to learn about work we are doing with The Race Director and RunScore to ease Results posting and notifications!  And of course let us know if you have suggestions.


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