RunScore Results Integration

RunScore is our first partner who has taken full advantage of the RunSignUp Open API to make life simple for timers and race directors who want to get results posted FAST!

Alan Jones of RunScore did the integration. It goes full circle.  From within the RunScore system, you can click a couple of buttons and download participants from RunSignUp.  You can add participants in RunScore (like many timers do on race day), and easily upload them to RunSignUp as well.  Once results start to roll in, it is easy to click a utility that uploads and updates all race information.  If edits are made in RunScore, those are reflected in RunSignUp.  This is supported in RunScore Version Level 2012.10.18.  (Support for RunSignUp for: (1) Download of registrations, (2) upload of registrations and correcting of registrations on RunScore and having them appear right away on the RunSignUp site, and (3) Upload of results. Once uploaded, you can click on a link in Tools on RunScore and see the results on the site.)

Alan has done this video to show how easy it is.  As he says “This is the slick part” – starting around 4:35 into the video.  But you should watch the earlier part too…

This video shows how Splits work:

And of course the results are available in that beautiful new format with Google-style searching, easy drag and drop layout and customizable headings.  Here is another video that shows what a user sees.

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  • Good Day

    My name is Gregory and I am a Graduate Assistant working with the Dean of the College of Business at the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach Fl.

    At this time we are conducting a research using cadets of the ROTC as they participate in a physical endurance exercise. We will like to track performance as it relates to time, the frequency in which they hit each station and the lag times between stations and within stations. It is our intentions to collect real time data that can be shared among 9 stations in total, including a start and finish station. The course is approximately 14 miles in total lenght, with a cumulative distance of approximately 5 miles between stations. Please also note, that there is a water component and participants will be actually submerged for a short period of time. There will be eleven teams with approximately 440 participants. If all or at least one person of each team can be “tagged” for this event I am the opinion that the objective can be achieved.

    After reviewing your web site, it appears as if your organization has been in the business of tracking runners participating in marathons. Even though the events are different in nature, the concept and the use of the technology is apparantly applicable.

    I will appreciate if you can provide any details you have on the system, including cost, training, delivery time and any issues that we may face in using it, if purchased.

    Thanking you in advance.



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