Assigning Bib Numbers

As another part of our big Results project, we are enabling multiple ways to assign bib numbers.  This is not currently released, but we wanted to give our race directors and timers a preview.

There are four ways to assign bib and/or chip numbers:

  • Auto-assign.  We let you start at any number and go in ascending or descending order.  We let you write over existing numbers or just add to the ones that have already been assigned.  We also will sort the Participants by Last Name, First Name, Address, or by date of registration.
  • Manually Assign.  This let’s you make edits as well.
  • Import.  You will need to match the Runner ID number for this import.  You can also import new runners as a separate process if they are not already registered in RunSignUp.
  • API.  This is for other systems to be able to post bib numbers.  We hope to have The Race Director and RunScore support this feature for timers.

Here is a quick video on how it works today.  This will likely change a bit, but should be released in the next couple of weeks!  Let us know your input.

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