RunSignUp-Mobile Timer in Open Source

RunSignUp Mobile Timer is available on Github in Open Source now. Sorry, it is not quite ready for release to the Apple Store, but wanted to get the code out so others could start doing interesting things with it! RunSignup Mobile Timer is a mobile application that allows three users to time and place a […]

Race Director Input on Refunds and Bib Exchanges

We heard back from some race directors in response to our blog on Bib Exchange and Refunds – a Runners Right?.  I think the two responses below capture the range of comments: We are a non profit that runs a road race as a fundraiser for our programs serving homeless and low income folks.  We […]

Free Services Strategy – Free Results Posting

A couple of years ago when we started RunSignUp, our basic strategy was to charge a processing fee when it cost us to process a transaction.  We uplift our cost for the charge to pay for our salaries and infrastructure and hopefully make a profit.  We figure this is a pretty decent way to associate […]

Mobile-Cloud Timer App

We have been working hard on giving race directors and timers the ability to post results and give runners the ability to see their results.  We are starting to enter Beta with this, and have a number of features coming such as easy posting of Race Director and RunScore result file, nice looking results display, […]

RunSignUp Releases Comprehensive Participant Management

Comprehensive Participant Management including Refunds, Bib Exchange and Event Transfers Helps Runners and Race Directors Moorestown, NJ – August 10, 2012 – RunSignUp, the leading innovator of online tools for Races and Running Clubs, today announced the availability of a comprehensive set of tools for participant management including: • Refunds – allowing Race Directors the […]

Refunds & Bib Exchanges – A Runner’s Right?

Road Race Management had a cover story on bib exchange and refunds this past month – “Races Grapple with Number Switching”. The comments from race directors seemed strange to me.  They complained how runners were finding ways to work around the system – selling bibs on EBay, Craigs List and other sites, running as bandits, […]

Bib Exchange

Bib Exchange is a hot topic.  Road Race Management lead article in their last newsletter was all about race directors dealing with “illegal” bib exchange. Online Registration systems typically do not handle this very well.  And that is where our latest release of RunSignUp provides some great solutions for Race Directors.  Hopefully this reduces result errors, […]

Wait Lists

An increasing number of races are selling out.  This opens up all sorts of potential frustrations and opportunities for Race Directors.  We see the glass as half full – so the next several posts will introduce some ideas on dealing with this, including posts on Wait Lists, Refunds, Race event transfers and Bib Exchange. Wait […]