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Bib Exchange is a hot topic.  Road Race Management lead article in their last newsletter was all about race directors dealing with “illegal” bib exchange.

Online Registration systems typically do not handle this very well.  And that is where our latest release of RunSignUp provides some great solutions for Race Directors.  Hopefully this reduces result errors, bandits and third party markets creeping up for bib exchange.

The fundamental mechanism we use is making a private invitation to a new runner to sign up for a race:

There are a number of variations of this:

  • Race Directors can initiate these.
  • Runners can initiate these if Race Directors enable it for their race.
  • Gift Exchange means there is no charge for the receiving runner (unless the race sets an additional fee)
  • If a normal transfer, Runner 2 registers and pays the normal registration fees.  Once Runner 2 pays, then Runner 1 receives a refund less processing fees and fees the race may set up.

Race directors can set a number of options, including the number of days before the race that bib exchange closes, as well as a bib exchange fee.

See the video below for an explanation of how to set up Bib Exchange for your race:

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