Race Event Transfers

Have you ever had a runner wanting to move from the Half Marathon to the 5K in your race because they got injured?  When we were Beta testing this capability with the Dexter Ann Arbor Run, we had this happen about 20 times for a 5,000+ person race.  That is a lot of overhead for the race director.

RunSignUp now gives race directors the ability to easily do this or to allow runners to transfer themselves.  As with other Participant Management features in RunSignUp, you can set the number of days before the race this turns off, and you can set a price that the race will be given for transfers.

Runners simply log into RunSignUp and select “My Profile”.  From there they are able to see the races they are signed up for and select to transfer to a different event.

RunSignUp charges nothing extra for moving form a higher cost race to a less expensive race.  When moving from a less expensive to a more expensive race, we do charge our normal processing fee.  This would also be true for races that set a charge for doing a race transfer.  For example if you set a fee of $5.00 to move even to a less expensive race (to discourage this, or to make up for the administrative hassle of changing things like bibs), the charge would be $5.00 plus the normal RunSignUp processing fee of $2.00 for a total cost to the runner of $7.00.

Here is a video that show how to do event transfer (and bib transfers too!)

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