Happy Running Geeks

It has been a good week at RunSignUp.  We get excited about two things.  One, when we make a customer happy and hear about it.  And two, when we finish a major project that will really help race directors, timers and runners.  And we did a lot of that this week!

On Tuesday we visited with Kim Marino, the race director for the Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge race in November to benefit the Larc School which provides special education services to children with moderate to severe disabilities.  She agreed to meet with us and let us record on video how they are using RunSignUp.  It was a real head-sweller as it seems we have helped them quite a bit and made their life a lot easier around things like bib exchange, increasing donations, and ease of use over their previous registration system.  The comment I liked the best was “RunSignUp is made up of race directors, runners and tech geeks.  That makes it really good for us since we can talk the same language and you are very committed to listening and making your system better.”

We also had a good conversation with the folks at Richard’s Run – a series of races that benefit the Go 4 the Goal Foundation which benefits pediatric cancer patients and their families.  Many race directors put their races up and we never really get to understand the people who benefit from their fund raising activities.  With this race we were not only able to learn about their programs, but they also gave us some great feedback on how we could make our site better.  Since they focus so much on family, they wanted to have a very good and easy to use family sign up price and process.  While we had developed this and a number of races had used it we had not gotten enough feedback on how we could make it even better.  We made several iterative changes this week and this is the resulting comments to us in an email: “LOOKS GREAT!!  SOOOOOOO much easier and looks exactly the way I envisioned it.  Thank you for working so hard to get it right.”

Yeah, that makes our day!

And we did a major release this week that completes our work on Participant Management.  But more on that next week…

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