2019 Largest 100 Races

We have attempted to put together the Largest 100 races that were timed from 2019. We have been accumulating this list for a couple of years (here is 2018). While we try, we may have missed some races, or we might not have the numbers exactly right since this is a manual process. So if you see missing or incorrect data, please let us know at info@runsignup.com.

We would also like feedback on whether we should try to create a list of largest untimed races, however the definition gets a little fuzzy, and it is difficult to prove out numbers.

Also, please refer to our Race Trends report for an in depth view of data from across thousands of races and millions of participants. And our bi-annual Registration Market Analysis.

Overall. it was a good year with modest growth of 1 – 2.3% depending on how you count it. There was a one year only race – the Tunnel to Viaduct 8K with 25,000 participants – counting that gives you 2.3%. Leaving that off and replacing it with the 101 place race on the list brings it down to 1.4%.

The total of 1,870,000 participants across the Top 100 represents about 6-10% of the total number of participants across all races, depending on which market estimate you believe.

Here is the full list:

160,75211%AJC Peachtree Road Race
253,5192%TCS New York City Marathon
345,8523%Bank of America Chicago Marathon
442,342-23%Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend
541,197-8%Bolder Boulder
635,43316%Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas
735,1272%Boston Marathon + BAA 5k
834,832-9%Lilac Bloomsday Run
934,565-5%Blue Cross Broad Street Run
1032,362-2%Disney’s Princess Half Marathon
1132,2859%Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – Chicago
1231,325-15%Flying Pig Marathon
1329,2877%Cooper River Bridge Run
1426,9671%Honolulu Marathon
1526,8186%Brooklyn Half Marathon
1626,476-1%Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend
1726,106-4%Marine Corps Marathon
1826,09612%Los Angeles Marathon
1925,7299%Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon, and Rothman Institute 8K
2025,244 Tunnel to Viaduct 8k
2125,1681%Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend
2225,1071%Army Ten Miler
2324,7097%Chevron Houston Marathon / Aramco Half Marathon / ABB 5K
2424,65912%United Airlines NYC Half
2524,48518%St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville
2623,668-10%Star Wars – The Dark Side Weekend
2723,53911%San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon
2823,426-2%Oneamerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon
2923,060-3%12th Annual Pat’s Run
3020,781-1%Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle
3120,3586%Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile
3220,170-5%Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K
3320,140-5%Pittsburgh Marathon
3419,96510%Yuengling Shamrock Marathon, Half Marathon, and 8K
3519,7022%St. Jude Memphis Marathon
3619,5353%Lifetime Miami Marathon, Half Marathon & Tropical 5k
3718,9571%Grandma’s Marathon – Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon
3818,85227%Cowtown Marathon
3918,8067%Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon
4018,336-25%Bay to Breakers
4118,09134%The Great Pumpkin Run
4217,796-22%Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon & Medtronic TC 10 Mile
4317,7680%Mercedes Corporate Run Miami
4417,5870%San Francisco Marathon
4517,05624%Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon
4617,020-4%Baltimore Running Festival
4716,8646%Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot
4816,649-11%Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon and Half-Marathon
4916,1828%Indianapolis Monumental Marathon
5015,9901%Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon
5115,569-1%Utica Boilermaker Road Race
5215,3826%Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon, and 8K
5314,348-5%Oklahoma City Marathon
5413,9422%Crescent City Classic
5513,91419%Austin Marathon & Half Marathon
5613,8235%Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon
5713,78914%Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle
5813,510-10%Drumstick Dash
5913,333-1%Santa Cruz to Capitola Wharf to Wharf Race
6013,28081%Crazy Legs
6113,106-2%Detroit Thanksgiving Parade Turkey Trot
6213,063-2%Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon & 1/2 Marathon
6312,68217%Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – San Francisco
6412,616-11%Gate River Run
6512,604-18%Shamrock Run
6612,5302%Columbus Marathon
6712,414-1%New Balance Bronx
6812,399-11%Fargo Marathon
7011,8544%NYRR Five-Borough Series: Queens 10K
7111,840-2%California International Marathon
7211,8150%Great Aloha Run
7311,5444%Falmouth Road Race
7411,396-10%Surf City USA Marathon and Half Marathon
7511,31411%Rocky Run
7611,27326%Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon & 1/2 Marathon
7711,141-4%Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon and Half Marathon
7811,1242%Amway River Bank Run
7911,08130%Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon
8010,8178%Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – Dallas
8110,7500%OC Marathon
8210,600-9%The Giant Race
8310,5542%City of Pittsburgh Great Race
8410,49716%Hot Chocolate 15k/5k
8510,4031%Spring Lake 5 Miler
8610,110-23%The Ohio State 4 Miler
879,972-13%NYRR Staten Island Half Marathon and 5K(dropped in 2017)
889,9568%Manchester Road Race
899,8772%Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – Seattle
909,8489%San Jose Rock n Roll
919,7610%Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon
929,6735%Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon, 5K, Mile & Dash
939,65714%Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – Philly
949,647-3%Quad City Times Bix
959,6368%Crim Festival of Races
969,59810%Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – San Diego
979,518-8%BMW Dallas Marathon
989,461-18%Air Force Marathon
999,45752%Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – Atlanta
1009,456-8%Long Beach Marathon and Half Marathon

While the overall growth was about 2%, there were 20 races who grew at least 10%:

113,28081%Crazy Legs
29,45752%Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – Atlanta
318,09134%The Great Pumpkin Run
411,08130%Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon
518,85227%Cowtown Marathon
611,27326%Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon & 1/2 Marathon
717,05624%Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon
813,91419%Austin Marathon & Half Marathon
924,48518%St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville
1012,68217%Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – San Francisco
1110,49716%Hot Chocolate 15k/5k
1235,43316%Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas
139,65714%Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – Philly
1413,78914%Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle
1524,65912%United Airlines NYC Half
1626,09612%Los Angeles Marathon
1760,75211%AJC Peachtree Road Race
1811,31411%Rocky Run
1923,53911%San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon
2019,96510%Yuengling Shamrock Marathon, Half Marathon, and 8K

Some random notes on the above:

  • Cowtown had weather issues in 2018 so they bounced back in 2019
  • We believe Hot Chocolate Atlanta had a weather issue in 2018


While there has been some industry consolidation over the past couple of years, with WTC acquiring Rock & Roll, and Gannet/New Media/Gatehouse/Rugged acquiring Hot Chocolate/RamRacing/Enmotive/imATHLETE, there is still fairly limited scale in the business.

Here are the top owners of races. None have reached even 1% market share in the US, proving it is difficult to scale. WTC grew the 12 Rock & Roll races by just over 10% by adding a 5K to their events. Gannett/Hot Chocolate grew by 13%.

2019# Races# of Participants
WTC – Rock & Roll12206,029
New York Road Runners6149,590
Gannett/Hot Chocolate10136,075
Atlanta Track Club270,425
Chicago Event Management266,633
Philadelphia Parks & Rec260,294

Registration Providers

The registration providers continues to evolve and change. RaceIt and Race Partner were top providers just a couple of years ago, and now are both out of business. The combination of GetMeRegistered and RaceWire seems to be running into difficulty with key leaders in each company departing Stack Sports. ChronoTrack has announced their partnership with RunSignup and the 5 races who use them have already started migrating with Pat’s Run open on RunSignup already. The combination of Enmotive and imATHLETE was announced recently, but they have not yet announced their plans for either migrating users to one platform or the other or creating a “best of” integration.

There is a fair mount of change that will happen on this list over the next 2 years as the old method of doing multi-year contracts expires and more races insist on non-exclusive agreements that RunSignup has made popular.

Registration ProviderNumber of organizationsNumber of races2019 Finishers

Again, if you see any errors of omissions, please let us know.

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