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We have added the capability to import answers to custom questions. This can be useful if you want to record information about participants that you want to merge into their registration information.

Roller Coaster Races was the customer who suggested this. They give different amounts of park tickets based on the membership type of the registrant and the event they are in, which they manually calculate in excel. Now, they can upload the numbers so they are tied to each registrant and a “ticket count” question could be included in their data and show up in the check-in app and pop-up.

You can do this with hidden question fields, so participants never need to see this information and it can just be used for check-in or other administrative purposes.

You can also get clever with this combination. For example you could take a long description on an Add-On and import a short description into a question that displays for the merchandise pickup check-in to make that process more efficient.

The setting is under Participant Management -> Question Setup. You need to format your import file EXACTLY for this to work as described on the page. The key items are:

  • Exact Header Name match to the Custom Question
  • Registration ID
  • Exact Question Answer if you are matching to choices like State

Imports are case insensitive, but the question text and responses must match exactly (unless it is a Freeform question).

For Yes/No questions, the following mapping exists:

  • Yes = Yes, Y, T
  • No = No, N, F

Here is a screen shot of the Import Question page:

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.54.14 AM.png

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