Internal Race and Volunteer Questions

We have added an option to make questions “internal” only. This means that participants never see the question. This is useful for three use cases:

  1. If a question is being asked to participants, but you no longer want to ask the question. By setting it to “Internal”, participants will not have to see it, but you will not lose the data already collected.
  2. Check-In Questions. The internal questions can show during check-in so it is a way to collect in person information. It might just be a second acknowledgement of the waiver.
  3. Questions that Volunteer coordinators mark for each volunteer in their group. For example, you may not want to show all volunteers that there are back stage passes, but allow the Volunteer Coordinators to assign them.

This is setup in each custom question:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.10.05 AM

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