RunSignUp CRM Adds Participant Notes

In an ongoing effort to help race directors optimize their relationships with participants, we are adding Notes to the RunSignUp CRM. This is very useful to mark notes of why you might have given a refund to a person, or that a person needs special assistance, or is a VIP.

Notes are easily added from any of the CRM participant views (Registration, Profile, Events, Referrals, Fundraisers and Donations) by clicking and typing in the Notes box on the bottom left. Notes are shown in a clear timeline with the newest notes on top:


Notes are shown for the participant across all races that the race director has access to –  in other words, your notes on any given registration are tied to the User ID of that participant, and then displayed based on the permissions of the race director. For example, if you are the race director for the Scott Coffee Run and the Moorestown Turkey Trot, you will see notes put in by you and your co-race directors for those races. If you only have access to the Moorestown Turkey Trot, then you would only see those notes and not the ones put in from the Scott Coffee Run.

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