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RunSignup February Newsletter

Top News: 2019 RunSignup Symposium and More Learning

Registration is now open for the 2019 RunSignup Symposium, to be held in Philadelphia July 15th-17th. In its sixth year, the core of the Symposium remains unchanged: three days with a laser-sharp focus on collaborative education, technology, and networking with events from around the country. Following a sell-out in 2018, the Symposium has a new, centrally located venue and an expanded Timer Day with RaceDay Certification and advanced sessions for previously certified timers.

Can’t make it in July? We’re branching out beyond Philadelphia, as well. First up is a Richmond, VA Race Director Forum coinciding with one of the top 30 largest road races in the country, the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K. Space is limited and registration is open!


Best of the Blog: Race Director Resources


2018 RaceTrends Report
Copy of Untitled Design (9)

Want to better understand the endurance industry? Check out our Annual RaceTrends report, a statistical analysis of the industry based on our data from 40,000+ race events and 6 million+ participants. The headline is that event participation is flat, but don’t stop reading there – the report goes on to detail the marketing, technology, and fundraising tactics that did find success. The full report is available for download.


Copy of Untitled Design (10)Viral Social Marketing Webinar

If you missed this month’s webinar on Viral Social Marketing, it’s not too late! RunSignup Sales Lead Bryan Jenkins walked webinar attendees through the process of creating a marketing plan that leverages the power of social running to grow your event. In addition to the webinar recording, catch up with the presentation slides and download your own Marketing Guide.

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Top 100 Road Race AnalysisCopy of Untitled Design (12)

We assembled the Top 100 Road Races in a consolidated list to be maintained regularly to help us, and you, understand the market. In 2018, the data showed a general flattening or decline in road race participation – but also highlighted several big movers who bucked the trend and saw impressive growth.


New Vertical Navigation Race Template
Copy of Untitled Design (14)

A new race website template was released for events that prefer a vertical navigation – and automatically updated more than 10,000 race websites. The sleek new template has a modern, mobile responsive design and is well-suited to race websites that have a large number of navigation items.


More February Blog Updates

RunSignup for Nonprofits

Used by 7,000 Nonprofits

The endurance industry and fundraising have been intrinsically intertwined for decades, and part of our mission is to elevate those fundraising communities through technology. We’re investing in our fundraising platform with two new developers who have already implemented a long list of simple updates, and there is much more to come. In the meantime, check out our slides to show how Nonprofits are using us today.


Customer Corner

Interview with Brad McCleary
Copy of Untitled Design (15)

Brad McCleary of Bodies Race Company, an event production company out of Kansas City, sat down with us to talk about their experience creating a national franchise – and how they use RunSignup to manage their growing empire.


Certified Timer Spotlight: Jamie Orr
Copy of Untitled Design (16)

Newly Certified Timer, Jamie Orr, of Run the East walked us through the RaceDay technology that he uses to create a seamless experience for his runners. He strives to be an early adopter and implement cutting edge technology regularly.

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RaceDay Certified Timers Embrace New Technology
Copy of Untitled Design (17)

They’ve only *just* completed the first round of RaceDay Certifications, but timers are already testing the technology in the wild. We checked in with a few to see how it’s going. Note: the web-based RaceDay Certificationin March is full, but you can still get on the waitlist!

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Running USA Conference Wrap-Up
Copy of Untitled Design (18)

We spent several days in Puerto Rico meeting with customers, comparing notes from events, and hearing new ideas for the running industry. We’d love to give a personal shout-out here to everyone we got to catch up with, but there’s not enough room. Short version: it was great to see you all!

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RunSignUp News

Why RunSignup

Copy of Untitled Design (19)17,000 races and 7,000 Nonprofits used RunSignup in 2018. If you’re reading this, you probably know why, but just in case, here’s a quick set of slides that review the technology that has made us the largest tech provider to the US endurance community.


RaceDay Scoring Public Feature Development
Copy of Untitled Design (20)

RaceDay Certified who want to be in the loop about future plans for the product can now follow a development plan on our RaceDay Scoring Blog. Updates will be made regularly!


RunSignup Joins Race Directors Hub
Copy of Untitled Design (21)

We’re thrilled to be joining the thriving endurance industry Facebook forum, the Race Directors Hub as an official Community Partner. Join us to access robust discussion and content like this week’s  Social Learning Webinar to break down RaceTrends.


RunSignup is Hiring Interns for 2019!
Help Wanted

There are a number of RunSignup internship positions available for the summer of 2019, including new positions in Marketing, Sales, and Account Management. Know a student with a passion for the endurance industry? Send them our way!


Built for the Long Run
Copy of Untitled Design (23)

We get a lot of questions about why RunSignup is employee-owned, and if we intend to sell or get acquired. In the spirit of transparency, Bob answers those questions, and a few more about the future of the company.


Continuous Learning
Copy of Untitled Design (22)

Learning is a Guiding Principle at RunSignup and we try to bring the tenet to our customers. Among our  resources are webinars that were watched by 2,000+ people and How-To videos were viewed more than 200,000 times in 2018.


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