Three Great Marathon Movies

Make a minimum $50 tax deductible donation to Filmmakers Collaborative, a 501c3 not for profit, and support acclaimed marathon film director Jon Dunham in creating his new film Partenope: Finding A Lost City. You will get arguably the best three marathon movies ever made, including BOSTON, which the RunSignup community supported creating.

Donations can be made at: When making your donation specify the film format of your choice: Digital download or DVD.

About Partenope: Finding A Lost City Italian style, food and culture are admired around the world. What is lesser known however is that much of what the world knows and admires about Italy comes from its arguably most colorful, complicated and least understood city – Napoli. “O Sole Mio”, cinema icon Sophia Loren and some of Italy’s most delicious cuisine, including pizza, all hail from this most unique southern metropolis. Over the course of a year immersed in present day neopolitan life and following various individuals who’s stories will guide us through Napoli’s culture and mysterious, ancient past, the film will capture a dynamic picture of what the city is truly about.

Partenope: Finding A Lost City will be shot in ultra high definition 4K in order to vividly capture Napoli in all of its rugged richness. If you have an interest in Italy, travel or have enjoyed one of Jon’s previous films, you are invited to join the production and support independent filmmaking with your donation.

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