Continuous Learning

One of the Guiding Principles of RunSignup is Learning. We are at RunningUSA down in Puerto Rico for the next couple of days and have already had a bunch of wonderful opportunities to learn from others.

We figured it was also a good chance to do a little audit of if we are helping provide the industry with opportunities to learn, so here are our efforts over the past year. We encourage every race director and timer to take advantage of opportunities to learn more and provide a better experience for the endurance community.

RunSignup Symposium – This is our big annual event, where over 200 people came together in Philadelphia last summer. It is a little different that RunningUSA since it does not have vendors and has more in depth technology sessions.

RaceDay Timer Certification Training – Over 240 timers were certified this January in the new RaceDay Scoring technology as well as RaceJoy GPS tracking.

Webinars – We held 10 webinars with over 2,000 registrations, 700 live attendees and an additional 1,300 recordings watched.

Top 100 List – We did the research to put together the old Top 100 list that RunningUSA used to be able to do as a service to the industry.

Race Trends Report – We just put out our third annual report with dozens of in depth, statistically significant data points and trends. Last year the report was downloaded over 6,000 times.

Customer Case Studies – We just completed a major revision of customer case studies – these are 5-10 minute videos from industry experts talking about what they do and how they do it. This has been a very popular feature of our website under our Learning menu.

How To Write-Up and Videos – This is probably our largest investment with a library of over 200 different topics that are common issues for race directors and participants. These pages and videos had over 200,000 visits in the past year.

Race Directors Hub – This is a community that has grown up on Facebook that creates an opportunity for race directors to collaborate, ask questions, and share experiences. We are working with them to bring new types of learning and sharing to race directors in this interactive format.

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