Fundraising & Donation Improvements

We are excited to be rolling out over a dozen small improvements to our fundraising and donation capabilities. Some of these are released as of today and the rest are in various stages of code review and deployment over the next week.

The even more exciting thing is that they have been completed by our two new developers Alyssa and Bret who started just 2 and a half weeks ago! These are fairly simple tasks, but they have provided a nice onramp for the both of them and for even bigger releases in the coming months. And they help a number of customers with incremental improvements.

Here is a quick list:

  • Remove the “+” signs from donation levels when there are less than 4 levels set up.
  • Added download report feature to the Fundraising Center -> View Donations report.
  • Simple view of a nonprofit’s fundraisers when entering offline donations.
  • Disable “edit fundraiser” button if fundraiser management is disabled.
  • Update subject for team fundraiser notification emails.
  • Ability for race directors to add fundraising co-captains in their dashboard.
  • Add Google Sheets download capability for Donation Report.
  • Show donation goal wheel in “My Fundraiser” dashboard.
  • Link to fundraising page from the “Find a Participant” page on race websites.
  • Missed “race” replacement word in the donation checkout page.
  • Better error message on donation/fundraising page when incomplete information entered by user.
  • Resend payment instructions to nonprofit from race director dashboard.
  • Suggested donation levels without descriptions.
  • Rotate nonprofits in donation checkbox on checkout page.
  • Fundraiser double name checker.
  • Ability to add manual donations after a donation period is closed.
  • Allow images in non profit description.
  • Option to edit donation period closed message.

Stay tuned for lots more as we continue to make RunSignup the best platform for nonprofits.

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