GiveSignup Newsletter, February 2020

We are happy to introduce our new GiveSignup website. We feature more of our characters who represent the different ways your nonprofit can generate revenue and engage supporters on GiveSignup: Run/Walk/Rides, Donation Websites, and Ticket Events. The new website design has a single and simple call to action: Get started free

When you get started free, you can:

Create a Ticket Event

Create a Donation Website

Create a Run/Walk/Ride powered by RunSignup

Request a Demo



All-In-One Charity Bib Fundraising Platform 

A growing number of nonprofits are using RunSignup/GiveSignup for charity bib fundraising. They are choosing RunSignup/GiveSignup as their all-in-one fundraising solution to raise more and save time for several reasons:

We hosted a webinar (with a couple technical difficulties!). If you missed it, you can watch the webinar (sans difficulties) or you can check out our Charity Bib Info Hub.

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Webinar Recap: Donations and Fundraising on RunSignup

More than 8,000 nonprofits use RunSignup to raise more and save time. This webinar reviewed the different ways that fundraising events set up registration, donations, and fundraising on RunSignup, and covered the best settings and tools to grow donations and incentivize fundraisers. Learn More.

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Webinar Registration: GiveSignup Ticket Events

GiveSignup is the only ticketing platform built for nonprofits, giving you the technology and full control to grow your event and raise more. Elisabeth DellaRova, GiveSignup Account Manager, will demo how to set up a nonprofit ticket event on GiveSignup, highlighting all of our product updates since July, from the Ticket Event CheckIn App to cover pages to custom questions to scheduled notifications. Register Now.

Product Updates

Donation Discounts

Raise more at your next ticket event with GiveSignup’s donation discounts. You can give your ticket purchasers an automated discount on their ticket purchase when they make a minimum donation of an amount that you determine.  Learn More.

Customize Sign Up and Donate Buttons on RunSignup

You can customize the sticky Sign Up and Donate calls-to-action on your run/walk/ride website. You can also add a subtitle to the button, which enables you to feature calls-to-action in more than one language. While this is a long way from a full localization project, it shows our early steps towards future Spanish and French support. Learn More.

Ticket Event Banners

Save time when you set up your next ticket event with custom event banners for your free website. You will select an Event Type when you create your next ticket event and GiveSignup will give you a beautiful banner specific to your event! Learn More.

Flexible Ticket Cap Display Options

Showing the number of tickets remaining can create a sense of urgency so that your supporters will purchase tickets before they are gone. If you want to feature the tickets remaining for your available tickets, you now have two different display options. Learn More.

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