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June’s Top News: Multi-Race Bundles

Race Directors have a powerful new tool to drive registrations: Multi-Race Bundles. Offer participants specially priced bundles that include multiple races. Cross-promote events by using popular races to drive participation in newer ones and providing motivation for athletes to participate in multiple races throughout the year. For directors with several races, it’s the classic up-sell: capture participants while they are registering for one race, and suggest that they also sign on for another race. Want to get started? All the setup steps are here.


Best of the Blog: Race Director Resources

RunSignUp Symposium: Sell-Out Imminent!Symposium

Our 5th Annual RunSignUp Symposium, in Philadelphia July 16-18, is coming up… and the chance to attend is diminishing, with fewer than 20 spots remaining. Check out the robust education agenda, Timer Daydetails, and networking activities, and then SignUp before it’s too late!


Untitled design (44)Introducing Swag Rewards!

The new Swag Rewards capability allows race directors to leverage participants as promoters by enabling them to issue swag based on reaching a milestone: a set number of referrals. The program will expand to allow for swag rewards for various milestones, but today you can use some sweet swag to drive referrals to your race.


Untitled design (45)CRM Promotions

Harness the power of the RunSignUp CRM with the release of Coupon Promotions, our first integrated Promotion within the CRM tool. CRM Promotions will continue to expand, allowing race directors to create additional targeted communications and marketing campaigns.


Untitled design (46)Donation User Experience

The user experience for donations has improved steadily over the last month. The project kicked off in May, and continued this month with improvements to fundraising tabsupdated cards & lists, and an assortment of changes to the donation section.


More June News:

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Racing with RaceJoy

Who’s Offering RaceJoy?

Untitled design (47)Two major races announced that they were providing RaceJoy’s GPS tracking to their runners:

  • The Bellin Run, one of the largest 10K races in the nation at nearly 14,000 participants
  • Boilermaker, an iconic road race event with more than 19,000 participants in their 15K


RunSignUp News

Untitled design (48)Sales Tax and Your Race

The US Supreme Court struck down a 1992 landmark decision that previously barred states from seeking sales tax from businesses unless they have a physical presence in the state. We aren’t a sales tax expert, but we break down what this decision could mean for races – and what you can do to be proactive.


Untitled design (49)Welcome Heena & Ben!

We have two development interns joining us this summer, Heena Surve and Ben Faria. Heena will work on a variety of projects, including a revamp of our race search, and Ben is joining the RaceDay Scoring team. We have had great success with our intern program in the past, and look forward to their work!


Untitled design (52)The Power of Continuous Improvement & the RunSignUp Community

What’s the true power of continuous improvement? An update for one race can benefit our whole community of races. We never fulfill a feature request for a single race. Instead, updates are made because we think they can enhance many of our 17,000 races.


Untitled design (51)Yin and Yang – Long Term Planning and Continuous Delivery Balance

RunSignUp is a company built for the long term with clear strategic direction, a structure that is viable, and solid cash flow. But it’s important to balance long term with short term: we also do monthly reporting, KYC checks on each of our customers, and make over 1,500 releases year.


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