Facebook No Longer Allows Auto-Posting of Progress Updates


RaceJoy is no longer able to support participants posting progress updates on their Facebook walls due to changes in Facebook’s policies. Previously, participants could choose to have their progress updates posted real-time on their Facebook wall as they crossed milestones along the course that included their pace and estimated finish time. As part of the recent changes to how Facebook’s platform works and changes to available permissions, all apps will be prohibited from automatically publishing posts to Facebook as the logged in user.  The user must be the one to prompt the posting.

RaceJoy users can still choose to have their progress auto-posted to Twitter in real-time on race day as they travel the course. In addition, RaceJoy still offers in-app live progress updates for participants and spectators, which are typically issued at every mile.


Participants can still make use of their Facebook wall to invite others to track and send them cheers in RaceJoy’s Fan Club and Social areas. In addition, RaceJoy provides participants with their personal race performance history in the Buzz and Results areas of the app and participants can post screenshots of these results.  Coming soon… a new Finisher Page you can share to Facebook!

Here are Facebook’s terms and policies.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by sending an email to support@racejoy.com.



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