Cross-Promote with Multi-Race Bundles

Race Directors have a powerful new way to drive registrations on RunSignUp. You can now offer participants specially priced bundles of races that are featured across your race websites and easily managed from your Race Dashboard with Multi-Race Bundles. This solution lets you cross-promote and upsell your races on the front-end, with automated participant and financial management on the back-end.

After releasing the private beta version one week ago, Multi-Race Bundles are currently available to all 17,000 races using RunSignUp and can be set up from your Race Dashboard.


Can I use Multi-Race Bundles?

You can use Multi-Race Bundles across any number of races where you have race director access. The bundled races can have the same or different payment accounts.

How does it work?

You create a Multi-Race Bundle to allow participants to buy a bundle of any number of races and events together in a single transaction. You can apply a % or $ discount per event, or set up prices by date.


Each race website shows the Bundle, and transaction dollars go to the race where the Bundle is purchased. Financial reports track the amount that races owe to other races. Participants are automatically added to each race, and their records show the transaction dollars allocated to that race. Full participant management features, including transfers and refunds, work. Giveaways and custom questions are asked once and stored with all races.

You can learn more about how to set up and manage Multi-Race Bundles in this blog:

How does this help me promote my races?

Multi-Race Bundles let you cross promote your race across multiple race websites. Bundled packages make this a win-win for all races, as participants are registering for Race A AND Race B in a single transaction. This lets you capture more consumer surplus, since bundles promote registration for more than one event to participants who may normally only register for one event.

You can also up-sell your races by offering participants specially priced bundles of races: “If you sign up for Race A, you can also register for Race B and receive a X%/$X discount.”

What are the benefits for my participants?

Participants will save time and money registering for multiple races. In addition to any discount or special pricing that you apply to Multi-Race Bundles, participants will have a lower processing fee when they register for multiple races in a single transaction.

How do I set this up?

You can create Multi-Race Bundles from your Race Dashboard. See this blog for more information or contact your RunSignUp representative with any questions.



6 thoughts on “Cross-Promote with Multi-Race Bundles

  • Any chance there is a way to set up the following year of an event before it has happened this year? I.e it would be cool to offer a discount for signing up all of our 2019 races, but the only time period I can offer that would be between my last race of 2018 and first one of 2019 and by then plenty of people will have already signed up for a bunch of our 2019 races. So right now, I can’t open registration for my July through December 2019 events because 2018 hasn’t happened yet…hence I can’t do a “Register for our 2019 events” package. Hopefully that makes sense. I get there are both technical and practical problems (i.e. someone signing up for the wrong year), but perhaps just like how there are deferrals there could be a category for future event from a group signup thing?

  • Do you envision at some point allowing cross-promotion between two completely separate races if each race is enabled on the back end to offer multi-race bundle if someone signs up for both? We have a RSU race for sarcoma (a cancer type) and would love to be able to cross-promote other local cancer races that use RSU. Doable or a nightmare logistically?

    • You would need to have full race director access to both races. So if you know and trust the other race director, then you can grant each other access to your respective races and set this up. You will have the reports to show which race owes which race.

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