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Top News: Introducing Marketplace

We have released Marketplace, a new hub for race directors and timers to connect with dozens of vendors and services that we have partnered with. Why Marketplace?

At RunSignUp, we strive to bring choice to races. We are an open platform, ensuring that our customers can select the best options for their events, and as the largest endurance registration provider, many vendors are eager to introduce their products to our customer base. We have curated our list of partners to create a vibrant community that can add value to our platform and to your participants. Marketplace can be found on your race dashboard under the new “Marketplace” menu tab.


Best of the Blog: Race Director Resources


RaceDay Timer CertificationUntitled design

We will be touring the country in January 2019 with our new RaceDay Timer Certification, a program designed to help timers grow their businesses by providing them with advanced RaceDay technology training (including RaceDay Scoring). Registration is open for Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, and Orlando!


Untitled design (78)Opt-In: ROAD iD Race Sponsorship is Live!

Races can now take advantage of the partnership with RunSignUp to offer ROAD iD’s to participants during registration at $10 off the retail price. Additionally, the event can choose one of three sponsorship offers – $5 revenue share for each ROAD iD sold, free race bibs, or ROAD iD gift cards. Opt-in on the National Sponsor Menu.

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Searching for RacesUntitled design2

RaceInsights data shows us that approximately 2.1% of all registrations in the past month came from the page. To help this grow and increase traffic to your sites, we have re-done our search page to include search options by state, city, or event type. Eventually, this should lead to more traffic from runners searching Google for races by place or type.


Race CRM: CliffsNotesUntitled design3.png

The power of any CRM is good data that exists within a single platform – the RunSignUp CRM is built on your participant data and integrated at the core of RunSignUp’s tools, and that is what makes it so powerful. This is an overview of what sets apart a Race CRM, and how it can help you with promotion, management, and participant (or potential participant) interaction.


More August Blog Updates

Endurance Industry Updates

The Demise of a Race Management CompanyCLOSED

We are seeing an increased number of canceled races: so far this year, 5.5% of the races over 500 people that were held last year were not held this year.

Race cancellations and race management companies going out of business is a real concern for our market, and with the announcement of another business closing it’s doors (with runners losing their money), we re-visit the issue. As an underwriter, we shoulder some of the costs of businesses closing, and have been increasing our diligence by increasing what financial information we ask races to provide.


Relay Ready: RaceJoy Updates

RaceJoy Blazed through the Hell of a HalfUntitled 4.png

RaceJoy was on-site at this challenging half marathon in the California heat, with more than 480 participants and spectators using the app on race day to track participants in real-time – and send them encouragement via virtual cheers!


Historic Tulsa Run Celebrates 41st YearUntitled design5

Known as the most historic race in Oklahoma, the Tulsa Run is bringing RaceJoy as a part of its 41st-year race experience. The run hosts more than 8,000 runners in diverse distances including 15K, 5K, and 2K course options.

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RunSignUp News

Performance Improvement of 40 milliseconds!

Untitled design6We are in the midst of some infrastructure updates – improving performance, security, maintainability, availability, and staying on the most current technology. With a set of improvements in caching and server connections, we sped up the core response time of a race page load from 140 milliseconds to 100 milliseconds.


Permanent Vs. OutsourcedUntitled design7

In many industries, the economy has shifted to outsourcing and temp work. At RunSignUp, we take a more “old school” approach – we try to create an environment that allows employees to stay a very long time (or, as long as they want to). This ensures a continuous, motivated, “in-sync” team to keep our business moving forward for our customers.


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