Permanent vs. Outsourced

There was a recent article in the New York Times by Louis Hyman of the Cornell ILR School talking about how much of the economy has shifted to outsourcing and temp work.

“The rise of the gig economy represents liberation from the stifled world of corporate America.

But for the vast majority of workers, the “freedom” of the gig economy is just the freedom to be afraid. It is the severing of obligations between businesses and employees.”

RunSignUp is taking a different approach that is much more “old school”. We try to have an environment here that provides a place where employees can stay a very long time. Our benefits are based on being a 100% employee owned company, with all employees receiving stock options so they can share in ownership, profit sharing, 100% healthcare, matching Simple IRA and above average compensation. This provides financial incentives to stay. We also have the happy situation of having great customers that are generally very pleasant to work with. And we are in technology, so nothing stays stagnant – there is always change and urgency to get better that creates a stimulating environment.

While many businesses have responded to cost pressures and the pace of change with the concept of hiring temporary or outsourced employees. As a drastic example, one e-commerce company Bob used to work with outsourced all 50 employees so they actually work for ADP.

RunSignUp has been designed to serve a niche market with advanced and unique technology needs in a very efficient manner with lots of automation, increased use of AI to catch problems before they happen, and investments that continue to refresh our infrastructure and team to stay current.

That being said, RunSignUp may not be a place every employee can call home for their entire career. People develop other passions and interests. Our philosophy is to help those people pursue their dreams even if they are outside RunSignUp. That ensures there is a continuous, motivated, “in-sync” team to keep our business moving forward for our customers and for us.

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