June Race Director Newsletter

Multi-Day Races with Super and Sub Events

Large races have moved to multi-day events that span a whole weekend with numerous events to serve a wide variety of their communities.  Registration can be complicated to manage for these huge events.  There are a variety of races, times, waves for people to sign up for – and it can be confusing.  In addition, you may want to have “Super Events” where a runner may participate in the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon.

We now make this very simple to set up for race directors.  Even better, it makes a much smoother experience for runners to sign up! For example, you can now have people signup for a specific corral in your marathon as shown in this diagram.  The same can be done with Super-Events so when runnera sign up for “The Whole Enchilda”, they know they are in the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon.

This also makes administration a lot easier.  Runners are able to easily move between events (if you choose to enable this feature).  Also, things like bib assignment are easier.  For example, you can issue one bib number to your “Whole Enchilda” runners to use across all 4 races.  And reports work well – you can view all the Marathon runners or just the sub-3:00 corral.

Runner Self Serve

Many races spend a lot of time with the special requests that come in from runners.  Switch from the Half Marathon to the 5K because of injury, get a refund, switch bib numbers with a friend, etc.

We introduced comprehensive Participant Management last year.  Since then we have gotten a lot of great ideas on how we can make this easier.  At the end of May we released our second version, making it simpler than ever for runners to self-manage these requests.  We also made similar upgrades for race directors to manage these requests as well.  And we give you full control over which features to enable, how much to charge and when to disable things.  If you are feeling the stress of managing runner requests, talk with one of our account reps about how we can help.

Race Director Testimonial

We received this very, very nice note from Melina Tate of The Middle Half Marathon. I think it represents the fears and joy of many of our customers who have jumped on our fast growing service:

“We are THRILLED with RunSignUp! I was a little nervous switching to a new registration service, but now I am spreading the word to all of my race director friends about your company. The personal customer service early Saturday morning was over the top, and very appreciated! Being able to offer coupon codes to our sponsors and charities has been life-changing. Usually we have hundreds of paper forms that we have to enter ourselves (“is that an ‘I’ or a lowercase “L” or the number 1?”); this year we had 21. The fact that it is Mobile phone-friendly was a plus for our always-on-the-move participants! I could go on and on and on….. thanks so much for helping to make us look good!”

Thanks for the kind words!  We will keep working hard to keep your trust.

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