Responsive Design – The Best Method for Mobile Support

Large ScreenWith 37% of RunSignUp users coming from a Mobile device, the need for races to have a great experience for mobile users has become imperative.

We have done device detection for about the past two years and will give a mobile interface to people coming from a mobile device.  This has been very popular with race directors and runners.  We are in the process of revamping this capability to come out with our Mobile V2.0 capability.  All of the Running Club User Interface is done in this fashion already.  And all of the runner and race director User Interface will morph over to this in the next month or two.  This means even race directors will be able to check participant reports and make changes to their race from any tablet or smartphone.

Mobile DeviceResponsive Design has emerged as the best way for websites to support all of the mobile devices.  Instead of having to detect the device and develop a separate template (right now RunSignUp on a mobile phone looks a lot different from RunSignUp on a computer).  There is no need to develop an iPhone and Android App or make people install them.  They simply fire up their web browser, hit your site and it looks beautiful!

The video below shows how responsive design works.  We also show you a website for the Annapolis Half Marathon.  We worked with them to produce a responsive design website to give their runners a wonderful experience.

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