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May’s Top News: Custom Source Tracking for RaceInsights

RaceInsights, our analytics machine that tracks every click, registration, and transaction on your race website, can now track custom sources to provide a granular look at your marketing ROI. Set up custom URL’s to use for specific campaigns – a Facebook Ad, a promotion from a sponsor, or an email from a non-RunSignUp email system – and watch your race dashboard for results. In other words: stop guessing which marketing dollars are bringing in registrations, and start using custom URL’s to know how many registrations can be attributed to each source.


Best of the Blog: Race Director Resources

Leveraging Strava Clubs

f85d3789-8f9f-431a-8260-0eb86ef7ca1b-bBeb1BIn March we announced Strava as our first National Sponsor; since then, we have expanded the integration and improved the connection with Strava Clubs. Why Strava Clubs? They connect the community around your race and enhance viral marketing. Strava hosted a webinar (catch the recording) on leveraging Strava Clubs, and we have additional suggestions for marketing via community-building.



A Better Race Website

7fb77e24-84fa-43c2-a405-724714e2b7a6-bBeb3BYour race website is an ambassador to your race, telling the world what your race is about and why they should participate. That’s why we’ve invested so much time in creating a professional, flexible template for your site. Check out some of our favorite customer sites, and catch the recording of our recent “Build a Better Race Website” webinar for tips on creating your own sleek, modern site.



RaceJoy Deep Dive

f8636e89-b5a0-4948-bd2c-5c5a8b8550f7-bBec8dRace Directors HQ, a resource for race organizers to learn about tools and services in their industry, took a Deep Dive into RaceJoy. The review looks at the significance of GPS in tracking and the importance of integrating spectators into your event in a meaningful way. The Verdict: RaceJoy is a lot of value for a small investment.



Auto-Applied Coupon URLd8126dd9-e0a6-4794-8bd2-50a20ffe82e5-bBec9m

We added an option to auto-apply a coupon code via a specific URL. When set up, a participant entering registration from a specific link will have the coupon code automatically entered in the coupon box on the checkout page – no more correcting registrations where the coupon code was forgotten!


More May Blog Updates

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RunSignUp Symposium

Are you Registered?

1e69b827-faf1-4992-96d2-f49886a50907-bBec-7.pngThe 2018 RunSignUp Symposium (our fifth annual!) is fast arriving! If you haven’t registered yet, June 15th is a big deadline:

Want to know what to expect? Check out: details about Timer Day, an overview of topics to be covered during our Tuesday Educational Sessions, a list of networking opportunities, and videos from 2017 Symposium presenters.

The 2018 Symposium is currently 60% full, and we do anticipate a sellout. Don’t wait!


Marketing Review

RunSignUp, Facebook, or SEO: What’s Effective?

f39a3242-0ed5-452a-be38-8589ad6add0a-bBedalRaceInsights informs races, but it also helps us aggregate information about traffic sources for all our races. We look at what the numbers are telling us about the effectiveness of Facebook, the importance of SEO, and the impact of RunSignUp.



RaceTrends: When Should I Close Registration?

9260e780-a951-4fdf-ac22-3d00f12cc02b-bBedbJAnswer: You should never close race registration. We explore strategies to reach potential participants during three key moments in your race timeline: Early Registrations, the Mid-Cycle Spike, and the Race Week Craze.


RunSignUp News

UX Manifesto – Year One Report

ca82eb15-fb42-47c8-9fe7-07df516309ca-bBedcS.pngA year ago, we committed to creating the best user experience in race registration. Since then, we have brought on three senior UX Developers and we review the progress they have made. Highlights include Results, Dashboard, Registration, Website, Login, Profile, CRM, Race Wizard and Website.



The Declining Future of Widgets

134fbc64-5e88-418d-921a-edc7e358c30c-bBedegOver the next year we will be deprecating our widgets. Browsers increasingly make them difficult to support, the setup is often incorrect, and Race Websites have become more common, resulting in a decrease in widget use. Registration and Race Calendar widgets will continue to be supported.



Phased Releases

578bd07c-8ffc-443d-9b41-444bf6a01b75-bBedeSFor all the nerds who like having a peak under the technology covers: we introduce some new infrastructure that will allow us to roll out new releases in a phased approach.



Why RunSignUp in 2018

69b8be3a-c4be-4849-a00d-99756d217bda-bBedfZ.pngWe have an 11 slide presentation on why races are choosing RunSignUp. Take a look at it yourself, or use it with your customers and prospects interested in moving their registration.






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