WICLAX Timing Software Integrates with RunSignUp

WICLAX is timing and scoring software popular in Europe. We met them at the RFID conference, and they are expanding into the US and wanted to integrate with RunSignUp. We pointed them to the RunSignUp Open API documentation in February, and they have it all working in May! The recently announced this in their blog post.

“A nice step forward for our North American users, we’re proud to announce that Wiclax is now in touch with the RunSignUp platform!

Thanks to its openness and a state-of-the-art tech background, we’ve been able to come out quickly with this first important milestone which is the ability to download some race participant lists into your event files.

Making it simple and efficient as usual: you access the Web registrations feature and select RunSignUp as the platform you’ll be working with. Then after entering your credentials on the RunSignUp login form, you’ll see all races and events you’re allowed to access. Clicking Import on the item of your choice, you’ll be prompted to tell where to move the answers of the custom questions of the race, if any. And that’s it, all the useful data will be appended to your lists.”


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