Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Relay Offers RaceJoy’s Live Team Tracking

Leading Race Day Mobile Application Available at 178 Mile Relay Run Adventure Moorestown, NJ – RaceJoy, a RunSignUp product, is the industry’s leading race day mobile app and is being offered by race organizers of the 14th Annual Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Relay Run Adventure (RTO). More than 250 teams of runners will combine their efforts to complete […]

Creating Communities to Turn RaceDay into RaceDAYS

“As race directors react to declining participation numbers, what we’re seeing is more of them increase value and create better experiences for their runners, partners, charities and communities.” – Rich Harshbarger, Running USA (2017 US Road Race Trends) While we have some data discrepancies that question whether the endurance event industry is actually in decline, there’s no argument […]

Webinar: Leveraging Strava Clubs to Grow Your Events

In March RunSignUp announced Strava as our first National Sponsor. The partnership is designed to open up a revenue stream for local races while linking them to technology that can actually help grow their events. On PT May 30th (2pm ET/11am), Strava will host a partner webinar highlighting: What are Clubs on Strava, and how […]

UX Manifesto – Year One Report

One year ago, we made this pledge: Our Commitment: RunSignUp will not only have the most feature rich race management platform, we will also have the leading user experience for participants, race directors, race management companies and timers by the end of 2017, and will continually improve the user experience into the future. Our goal […]

Race Directors HQ Deep Dive into RaceJoy

Race Directors HQ took a Deep Dive into RaceJoy, and we are pleased to share their coverage. Race Directors HQ is a resource for race organizers to find out about the various tools and services they can use to help propel their business. Some excerpts  from their piece… Using GPS is a key differentiator between RaceJoy […]

Guest Blog: New Innovations For Race Events

This is a guest blog from GoEventus. Being a race director is no walk in the park. There are a hundred things to be done just to get your event up and running (no pun intended!) Apart from the advertising, site-prep and scheduling, you have to think about securing sponsors while finding ways to drive […]

Expanded Strava Integration

We have received great feedback on the Strava integration. Races love the fact they can extend the meaning of their race from just race day into the training part of the race – thus extending the race brand and meaning. Races also appreciate that Strava is providing sponsor dollars when new users sign up for […]

A Better Race Website

Update: The recorded replay of Build a Better Website Webinar is now available. A race website is an ambassador for your event, telling the world what your race is about and why they should participate… but building and maintaining an independent race website can be time consuming and expensive. RunSignUp race websites solve many of the […]

The Declining Future of Widgets

Over the next year we will be “deprecating” our widgets. As the Java programming language has defined: “You may have heard the term, “self-deprecating humor,” or humor that minimizes the speaker’s importance. A deprecated class or method is like that. It is no longer important. It is so unimportant, in fact, that you should no longer use it, […]

WICLAX Timing Software Integrates with RunSignUp

WICLAX is timing and scoring software popular in Europe. We met them at the RFID conference, and they are expanding into the US and wanted to integrate with RunSignUp. We pointed them to the RunSignUp Open API documentation in February, and they have it all working in May! The recently announced this in their blog post. […]

RaceTrends: When Should I Close Registration?

Answer: You should never close registration. Registration Timeline by Race Distance Our 2017 look at when runners register showed a familiar curve to that of 2016: an early spike leading to a drop and a plateau, followed by another sharp climb. There is some clear differentiation based on race distance – most notably, the early registration […]

Custom Source Tracking Now on Dashboard

We have added the Custom Source Tracking to be visible right on your dashboard. This enables you to track specific promotional activities like Facebook posts and ads, partner websites, newsletter, expo booths, etc. to see what is having a good return. This is shown on an aggregate basis on the dashboard: And if you click […]

Passing Referral Codes to MailChimp

RunSignUp Referral Rewards Program is one of the best ways to increase viral participation. You can reward participants to promote your race by offering them partial or full refunds when they get X number of their friends to sign up for your race. Now we make it simple for races that use our MailChimp integration […]

The Largest Ten-Mile Road Race in the U.S.A. Offers RaceJoy

Broad Street Run Delivers on Race Day Experience May 2, 2018 – Moorestown, NJ – RunSignUp’s product, RaceJoy, the leading race day tracking mobile application, is being offered for participants and spectators of the 39th annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run. On May 6, 2018 in Philadelphia, participants of the largest ten-mile road race will […]

RunSignUp, Facebook, or SEO: What’s Most Effective for Your Race Marketing?

RaceInsights is helping races understand where their participants are coming from. It is also helping us see an overall aggregate picture across all races that use RunSignUp. This allows us to see what is working across all races. Obviously, the most important source is a race’s own website. With 15,000 races, there is a huge […]

Custom Source Tracking for RaceInsights

We are introducing a major new feature for RaceInsights – custom source tracking. This gives races the ability to track the ROI on specific campaigns – such as Facebook ads, race promotions on other sponsor or running store websites, or emails sent outside of the RunSignUp email marketing system. As an example, Bob posted this […]

RunSignUp Symposium: What is Timer Day?

As we creep up on the  2018 RunSignUp Symposium, one questions we’ve heard is this: What exactly IS Timer Day?  In contrast to Tuesday’s mixed educational sessions that contain content for both race directors and timers, Timer Day (Wednesday, July 18th) is an interactive education and networking opportunity specifically for the timers in attendance. Timer Day is flexible – […]

RunHostRaces: Life, Racing and the pursuit of Travel!

Guest Blog by Elise White, Founder and CEO of RunHostRaces Runners often manage upcoming races, traveling budgets & training plans throughout the year. Can it be more simple and affordable? Do you find yourself looking for discount deals or roommates for race weekend? Are nightly hotel rates a bit more than what you want to spend? […]